Counterpoise Adjusting

About the only effective antenna I can fit in my garden is an end fed inverted L.

I intentionally use the shield of the coax as a counterpoise, by placing a row of clip on ferrites the best distance (by trial and error) from the feed point.


Some times another counterpoise, shorter or longer, is needed to bring the SWR on certain bands within range of a rigs internal tuner.

Also, when trying various set ups, I need to try different lengths of counterpoise (they rarely end up a length that could be calculated)


I made up a simple and quick way of doing this.

Soldered a wire to the end of a cheap tape measure, which connects to the ground terminal at the feed point, then tie the pulley to a bush or use a tent peg, and the cord loops back to the feed point where I can lengthen or shorten the counterpoise whilst standing watching the SWR curve on the analyser.

It is easy to add another 5m/10 of wire if more length is required.

Once the length is found, the tape measure is replaced with wire, usually made a bit longer for trimming as just changing the position on the ground means it needs some fine adjustment.