Modified VK5JST Antenna Analyser



The first one worked fine, but as others have commented, I didn’t find the tuning rate convenient, nor the fine tuning.

I decided I only wanted to cover up to 10m, so changed the bands to only 3, with less redundant overlap.

It now has the following ranges:-

Low      1.54MHz   to   5.01MHz

Med      3.63MHz   to   11.75MHz

Hi        10.67MHz   to   35.23MHz

Range selection is by a three way toggle switch, with LEDs to indicate the selected range.

Tuning is via a 10 turn pot, there is no need for  fine tuning.

 am brd

The board was modified with a cut-out to clear the pot. The extra mounting screw fixes into the new hole at about 10 o’clock from the big hole. Notice the piggyback regulator for the tuning circuit.



I decided that the turns counting knob wasn’t useful, and replaced it with a larger plain knob.

Now, just to make a front panel sticker to cover all the screws!


ah al

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